Medium-style blog theme

Mediumish - Jekyll Theme is a blogging theme Medium styled, built with Bootstrap 4. It is clean, modern, great for blogs/magazines, and multi-author ready.

Features such as Google Analytics, Disqus Comments, Pagination, Category Archives make a complete Jekyll solution for blogging. It is also compatible with Github pages, meaning you can host it with Github for free!


  • Built for Jekyll
  • Compatible with Github pages
  • Featured Posts
  • Index Pagination
  • Post Share
  • Post Categories
  • Prev/Next Link
  • Category Archives (this is not yet compatible with github pages though)
  • Jumbotron Categories
  • Integrations:
    • Disqus Comments
    • Google Analaytics
    • Mailchimp Integration
  • Design Features:
    • Bootstrap v4.x
    • Font Awesome
  • Masonry
  • Layouts:
    • Default
    • Post
    • Page
    • Archive

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