Jasper Jekyll theme

A great modern, clean blog design with lots of powerful features built-in.

Jekyll port of Ghost's default theme

This is a port of Ghost’s default theme Casper for Jekyll.

You might well ask at this point why bother making a new Casper’s clone? Although this is inspired by Kasper, there are several additional features which make this port closer to the original theme. This port is based on the last Casper v1.3.7 (same as v1.4.0 that runs in Ghost 1.0).


  • Pagination
  • Google Analytics tracking
  • Author’s profile with picture
  • Disqus comments (not Ghost standard)
  • Author page (New 07.02.2015)
  • Tag page(s) (New 07.02.2015)
  • 404 page (New 07.02.2015)
  • Toggleable sliding sidebar (New 07.02.2015)
  • Related posts view (New 30.10.2015)
  • Tag description(s) (New 30.10.2015)
  • Code Syntax Highlight (New 24.11.2015)
  • Code Syntax Highlight with highlight.js (New 06.04.2016)
  • Rss updated to Jekyll v3 (New 06.04.2016)
  • Updated to Casper v1.3.7 (New 17.11.2017)
  • ‘Out of the box’ support for Multiple Authors (New 17.11.2017)

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