Alembic Jekyll theme

A Jekyll boilerplate theme designed to be a starting point for any Jekyll website.

A boilerplate/starter theme

Alembic is a starting point for Jekyll projects. Rather than starting from scratch, this boilerplate is designed to get the ball rolling immediately.

Install it, configure it, tweak it, push it.


  • Available as a theme gem and GitHub Pages theme
  • Simple and elegant design that can be used out of the box or as solid starting point
  • Tested in all major browsers, including IE and Edge
  • Built in Service Worker so it can work offline and on slow connections
  • Configurable colours and typography in a single settings file
  • Extensive set of shortcodes to include various elements; such as buttons, icons, figure images and more
  • Solid typographic framework from Sassline
  • Configurable navigation via a single file
  • Modular Jekyll components
  • Post category support in the form of a single post index page grouped by category
  • Built in live search using JavaScript
  • Contact form built in using Formspree
  • Designed with Siteleaf in mind
  • Has 9 of the most popular networks as performant sharing buttons
  • Has documentation

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