Folio Jekyll theme

A simple Jekyll theme for showcasing your work, with emphasis on whitespace, transparency, and Helvetica.

A simple, minimal theme


This Jekyll theme implements collections to let you break up your work into categories. The example is divided into poetry and portfolio, but easily revamp this into recipes, apps, short stories, limmericks, whatever your creative work is.

Three different layouts are included — the poetry layout, for a simple list of entries, the blog layout (index.html), for more detailed descriptive list of entries, and the portfolio layout. The portfolio layout overlays a descriptive hoverover on a background image. If no image is provided, the square is auto-filled with the chosen theme color. Thumbnail sizing is not necessary, as the grid crops images perfectly.

Portfolio Specifics
You can easily add full pages for each of the projects in your portfolio. If you want one to link to an external website, create a file for it in _portfolio, and fil in the YAML front matter as you would for another, but with a redirect.

Six beautiful theme colors have been selected to choose from. The default is red, but quickly change it by editing the _base.scss file in line 40. The color variable are listed there, as well.

Photo formatting is made simple using rows of a 3-column system. Make photos 1/3, 2/3, or full width. Easily create beautiful grids within your blog posts and projects pages.

Code Highlighting
This theme implements Jekyll’s built in code syntax highlighting with Pygments. Just use a liquid tag to delineate your code.


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A bold, minimal portfolio theme


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A sleek, modern personal website theme



Landing page and portfolio theme