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I have made this into a Jekyll Theme.

The default theme would look like this

online cv Jekyll theme

The theme is responsive

online cv responsive Jekyll theme

There are 6 color schemes available

online cv Jekyll theme


Fork the master branch and delete gh-pages branch in it. This is important because gh-pages branch is used here only to host the blog. You should be using the master branch as the source and create a fresh gh-pages branch.

Watch my video on instlallation

How to delete old gh-pages branch?

After forking the repository, click on branches.

delete gh-pages branch

Delete gh-pages branch.
delete gh-pages branch

You have to create a new gh-pages branch using the master branch. Go back to the forked repository and create gh-pages branch.

create gh-pages branch

Now, go to settings and check the Github Pages section. You should see a URL where the blog is hosted. If not select a branch as source.

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