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Simple Jekyll theme

This theme requires ruby and rubygems installed

  • [x] Clean layout

  • [x] Resposive layout

  • [x] Preprocessor SASS

  • [x] HTML minified

  • [x] CSS minified

  • [x] No Javascript

  • [x] Pagination

  • [x] Syntax highlight

  • [x] Author config

  • [x] Comments with Disqus

  • [x] Share posts

Start in 4 steps

  1. Download or clone repo git clone [email protected]:nandomoreirame/simplest.git

  2. Enter the folder: cd simplest/

  3. Install Ruby gems: bundle install

  4. Start Jekyll server: jekyll serve

Access, localhost:4000/simplest

Demo and Download


simplest - free Jekyll theme

It is under the MIT license.

Enjoy :yum: