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Galileo Theme

Another damned theme for Jekyll.

The Galileo Theme

Landing somewhere between a scholarly publication and an adventurers notebook, the Galileo theme presents your words & photographs in a handsome, agreeable manner.

It is well behaved on both mobile & desktop and radically minimal in its footprint. Charged and ready for deployment to Github Pages.

In the wild

Demo here. I'm so damned fond of this theme that I also use it on my own blog.


  • Install Jekyll: gem install jekyll

  • Fork this repository

  • Clone it: git clone

  • Run the jekyll server: jekyll serve -w

Observe the results at http://localhost:4000.


Make changes in _config.yml, ye damned heathens.

A note about fonts

I've employed Typekit to load both "Adobe Caslon Pro" & "LTC Bodoni 175". To make use of these with your own Typekit account, publish a kit and enter the ID into the Jekyll config.

This is optional. If you don't want to use Typekit, well fine, just leave the Typekit Kit ID blank. You'll need to elect and specify substitute fonts here and here.


This theme is built to be deployed easily to GitHub Pages.



Do whatever you damn well please with it. I'm always glad to hear what folks are doing with it though — let me know on Twitter.