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resumecard is a theme built on top of bootstrap and other freely available libraries. Its aimed to provide a fully furnished Jekyll theme for personal resume.

Build Status


You can see the live demo of resumecard

This is the web page on desktop browser.


Getting Started

  • Fork this repository

  • Clone it: git clone

  • Run the jekyll server: jekyll serve

You should have a server up and running locally at http://localhost:4000.


  • Responsive Jekyll theme

  • Easy integration with Google Analytics


  • _config.yml

    If you're using it on GitHub Pages with a custom domain name,
    you'll want to change it to be the domain you're going to use.
    All that should be in here is a domain name on the first line and nothing else (like:

  • avatar.JPG
    This is a smaller version of my gravatar for use as the icon in your browser's address bar.
    You should change it to whatever you'd like.


Open sourced under the MIT license.