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A simple and customizable theme for Jekyll.

This theme was renamed from jekyll-qck-theme to jekyll-tch-theme at 2016.06.02.
And renamed again from jekyll-tch-theme to jekyll-ttskch-theme at 2016.09.23.

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  • A lot of Markdown features (also GitHub Flavored Markdown)

  • :emoji: ready :+1:

  • Easy color-scheme customization

  • Tags list page

  • Monthly Archives page

  • Search feature without any Jekyll plugins

  • <!--more--> tag feature

  • Anchor links for each headings

  • Sticky side nav

  • Responsive

  • OGP ready

  • Share buttons ready

Getting started

  1. Fork me

  2. Rename the repository from jekyll-ttskch-theme to {username} (learn more)

  3. Modify _config.yml

  4. Modify _sass/base/_variables.scss if you need to change colors or font sizes

  5. Add new posts into _posts/ :smiley:


You can see live demo at below:

Thanks for using :wink:

Please PR if you want to add your blog.