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Jekyll Metro

Jekyll Metro is a metro inspired theme for Jekyll.


Jekyll Metro is a theme built on top of bootstrap and other freely available libraries. Its aimed to provide a fully furnished Jekyll theme for personal sites with blog.

Version 1.0 Development (Beta 2 Released!)

New features include:

  • Light box feature

  • Social media share widget

  • New colors

Currently I am busy with other project and will devote less time in developing this theme forward. Updates and enhancements are welcome.


  • Responsive Jekyll theme

  • Metro style Homepage

    • Configurable tiles with different size

    • Configurable colors for tiles

    • Display of Latest and Recent articles as tiles

  • Pages for About Me, Resume with configurable color themes

  • Blog home page with listing of articles in pagination

  • Blog article page with configurable color themes

  • Easy integration with Google Analytics

  • Easy integration with Disqus for comments

  • Easy integration with txtpen for highlights


You can see the live demo of this theme at


Abdel Raoof Olakara


Stilyan Kongalov

Peter Zhu


Open sourced under the MIT license.