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Jekyll Incorporated

Modern Jekyll based blog. Great for companies, products or anything. See live at

Installation & Usage

bundle install
jekyll serve --watch

Note: Requires Ruby version 1.9.3 =>. For example use rbenv


Edit: _config.yml (general options), main.css (theme colors & fonts)

├── _config.yml
├── _assets/
├── stylesheets/
├── main.scss

_Note: when editing _config.yml, you need to restart jekyll to see the changes.__

Publish to Github Pages

  1. Add your domain to CNAME

  2. Edit your repo address at Rakefile

Run rake task. NOTE: It will deploy the generated site to gh-pages branch overwriting it

rake site:publish

Usage examples


Originally build for, your workspace for sharing and organizing knowledge

Karri Saarinen

Jori Lallo


  • Documentation

  • Less config files

  • Better deploy scripts

Copyright 2013 Kippt Inc. under The MIT License