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I am not a designer so I cannot impress you with breathtaking Jekyll themes, but brume is something that just came to my mind and I had to build it. It is a clean and simple theme, which has an index page that lists all your blog posts divided by year and an about page.

This is how the "Home" page looks like.


And this is a single post.



Important: The latest version of brume uses site.baseurl for links, therefore, if you want to put your site in a subdirectory, update the _config.yml file!

  • Download the ZIP file and extract it's contents.

  • Open _config.yml file and enter your site's URL and add additional configuration or update the existing one if needed.

  • Open about/ file and add information about you or your site. You can delete this file and directory if not needed.

  • Open _data/links.yml and add additional links or update the existing ones that you want to be displayed in the navigation menu.

  • If you don't want to use CC BY-NC 4.0 licence for the content, then you should change the footer text, which is located in _layouts/default.html.

  • Generate your site and be happy!

Jekyll < 2.0.0

I try to keep brume up to date with the newest Jekyll version. Jekyll 2.0.0 introduced a lot of changes (like a built in Sass support) that are not backward compatible, therefore I have created a separate branch legacy for those, who might be using an older Jekyll version. All the changes that I introduce in master will be ported to legacy.

Theme customization

This theme has 4 predefined colors that can be used for links:

  • azul

  • ruby

  • amber

  • avocado

Color Examples

By default it uses azure, but if you want to select another one just change the second class of container div in _layouts/default.html to one of the provided names.

Express your thoughts about brume on Twitter @aigarsdz, and help me make it better!